Oh dear...


They were on the Archive with the civil folk.


I was never on the .org.
Yes, just the RAA.



I was there for a short while in 2006 and then I moved to RAA.
The only people I talked to when I was there were cwhumble & strawberry dreams.


‘highlife likes to keep us all honest and call us on our shit’

Man I gotta rebrand myself.

I think these women should get together and make an album that everyone could buy to give them exposure and money. All the proceeds dammit, no label bullshit.



My phone is giving me salt unsolicited. It knows



I guess now is the the time to mention my experience with Ryan Adams. I was working as a waitress at a cocktail bar. That much is true. But even then, I knew I’d find a much better place. Either with or without him.


demons outside the mansion of someone who exploited musicians for fun…huh?


Hahaha, she meant et al.

I have never ever made a tipo.


Was wondering about Laura Marling’s experience, as well. I remember he did the whole manic-championing thing with her for a few months and then he was ghost.


i was busy doing drugs for a while BUT I’M BACK Y’ALL


Welcome back.


so apparently people on twitter found out ryan was posting as others to win favor for himself

i think right now it’s just the one name but some are speculating he is using aliases on other social media to post the same shit…


It frankly wouldn’t take too many of us to program a Ryanbot to post shit like this.


oh and serryreinfeld retweeted a bunch of nice things and put in @theryanadams


don’t bother.
lots of other misogynists are doing the lord’s work for you


That account appears to have been deleted which is suspicious.