Oh deer...




I can get behind this thread’s direction.


Right? I’ve been blessed to live in the country my whole life. Back in the mid 80’s we would regularly see an albino deer in our yard. I need to see if I can find the pictures & if I can get a good scan of them to post here. It was 1985 & 1986 that we got a bunch of pics of it.


Okay, I went down a google search rabbit hole, and this is actually a real thing.




“Hello my name is Bob and went to 13 shows after Whiskey town… I feel cheated and violated by the fucker”

“Hi Bob!”
“Let the healing begin!”


That first pic looks like they were all talking about Howard, and Howard just walked in the door off to the left.


The second one from the right was shot by my friend’s grandma.


I bet that doe is grooming that fawn to be some rich buck’s sex slave. Just like Ryan Adams did. smh. :frowning:


So my parody thread only took three replies before a Ryan Adams reference was made. Jesus, you fuckers got one track minds. I truly mean “fuckers” as a term of endearment. So if anyone is offended I’ll just get my “sorry, not sorry” out of the fucking way right here & now.


I don’t know, I just had to refrain because deer are some of my least favorite animals. Complete nuisances. I live in fear daily that they’re going to come in and kill my fledgling cherry tree and blueberry bushes like they have my hydrangeas. I saw one yesterday crossing the road by the hobby airport and its flanks were dangling in gorged grey deer ticks. Those spindly legs are just the stuff of nightmares. I try to keep my thoughts about deer, the Special Olympics, and bald eagles to myself.


I love deer/venison.


Me too. I’m not a hunter. My brothers are. But, I love venison chops, steaks & the tenderloin. I usually do up the chops or steaks in a cream of mushroom sauce with noodles on the side which you can smother in the cream of mushroom sauce. They come out really tender. Dems good eatin’!!


Y’all are crazy. There’s so many more tasty animals on this earth. My take on venison is that even at the best of times it has to be doctored. I wish this had been an “Oh Bison” thread instead.


We have a bison ranch near our house, I haven’t seen any there in a year or so. Not sure what happened, but I guess it is pretty good to eat.

If you mix the venison burger about 70/30 with hamburger it is great. If you ever get a chance to sample any backstraps or tenderloin jump on it, you’ll love it… needs no doctoring.


Taste good mind


You parodied a thread about Ryan Adams and his “current” issues. You were fucking expecting what? I fell right in line.


Guilty as charged.


There are more tasty animals, that’s true (pig for the win) but cooked right venison is pretty special. Diced venison stew is a real treat in autumn.


Come Pick Me Up

(Too soon?)