Oh deer...



I’ve had it with all this crap! All you care about is fruit and touching yourself. Well, fuck you!


I’m only speaking for myself here, but, I am not opposed to fruit OR touching myself. These things are not central to my core feelings though. I do appreciate vegetables and touching other people, too.




I believe the second photo is an example of what Ryan Adams would not do. According to Phoebe Bridgers.


You sick motherfucker.


She should count her blessings. I’ve heard rumors about his oral hygiene.


I might be wrong. But, I seem to recall photos of him back in the day with greyish or brownish teeth .


They’re not rumors. I’ve stood not 5 feet from that motherfucker with his pasty, chalky, yellow teefs. He also smelled like a dog drug it’s ass through a bong water factory one floor above a fish market.


So that’s what she meant by him singing with an English accent.




Though fair point, we do have bad teeth.



Have you ever had a cheeky Nandos? Before you tell me you’re too old, I want to point out that Gen X basically pioneered pretend liking.


All of my ethnic stereotypes are based on fair points.


I mean, I’m German after all.


Sehr gut


I’m not sure if your comment was serious or in jest? If it was serious then I’ll take it as complimentary & give you proper thanks. And by proper thanks I mean a simple, verbal “thank you”. Not “thank you” by burying my face in your ass.


Well, I was talking to Balv, so…