Oh deer...


My bad. Somehow I thought you were replying to me. No hard feelings. I’m sure your ass is immaculate. Seriously now. My sincere apologies.


Speaking of Bison, Fermilab (my now old job) maintains a bison herd:

At my current job (Jefferson Lab), we just worry about keeping the geese off the lawn areas :frowning:


Can you give an example? I thought being Gen X mostly consists of fantasizing about Winona Ryder.


I thought Gen X pioneered Dancing With Myself.



Here’s an op-Ed on it. It’s just, like, one of those things. But also Winona Ryder.


I want to be offended but I need to see if you’re cute or ugly first.


I’m pretty sure I’m ugly at this point in my life. But, I was quite the looker in my prime. I’m the only one out of my friends that managed to get hit on by both males & females.


But by the time Generation X started being born, in the mid 60s and especially into the 1970s, some detached, too-cool Left Bank intellectual had taken a break from his doctorate in semiotics to invent postmodernism, and we were doomed to a world of irony.

So, the main argument here seems to be that boomers invented this whole thing, right? All we’re getting credit for is riffing on something that boomers came up with. Well, okay, I guess that fits. Anyway… Winona Ryder.


I’m done for tonight. I’m going to try to watch Loki on Disney +. I want to like it but I’m starting to get bored with the MCU. It’s entering overkill mode. Just too many shows & movies with it now.


This probably goes in the inane anecdotes thread but, I had this joke with myself about this place I used to work. It was an over the road trucking company. Truckers don’t live very long compared to other Americans, it’s a chronically unhealthy profession, so they really made a big deal of fitness culture. I’d say to myself, alone in my car with my lunch, “In England they have a cheeky Nandos, here at company name we have a clandestine McDonald’s.”


I liked it. I liked it better than WandaVision. That one I stopped watching after the 3rd episode or something like that.

Loki was fun. The ending was a bit confusing because I don’t know all the characters from Marvel but this will lead into the next Dr. Strange movie, is what I read. I just named my neighbor’s new stray cat Loki. :metal:


I couldn’t handle Wanda vision either

Have not trayed Loki

Probably won’t



Try it, Rodknee. It is definitely better than WandaVision.

It’s funny and Tom Hiddleston is wonderful as Loki.


So we don’t get to hear about the eagles??


I exaggerated. Me and Balv got into it once:


:popcorn: :blush:


Bald eagles are fine but turkey vultures, now they are majestic!


I love turkey, and blackheaded vultures. We have a vulture festival not far from here for the fall migration.


Saw about 12-15 of them going to town on a deer carcass by the roadside the other day, was quite a spectacle. Never seen so many at once scrabbling and fighting and eating and such.