Oh my, I did not expect this to be any good ...


… but it is. And the drummer have gone all in for a Will Ferrell look-alike look and that also has to count for something (as always, their song is stronger if you do not actually watch the video):

On the other hand, John Frusciante is back and he has done some insanely good stuff over the years (not least least solo):


And you were right…




You’re right though, the video does not help…


I didn’t recognize them without socks over their dicks.


If you didn’t know the chili peppers, you might think this is a parody act. What the hell is Anthony up to for the first half?


Yeah, they have turned into walking clowns/parodies (they might have always been that, though). But they have nevertheless cranked out some great music over the years. Both “Blood, Sugar …” and “By the Way” (both versions – the shelved one is a keeper) are pretty great.


Getting strong Zoolander vibes (from the first video).


A freak petrol-playing accident would perhaps not be an entirely bad thing at this point …

(By the way, one of Zoolander’s buddies that gets fried in the gas station scene is played by Alexander Skarsgård – one of his very first Hollywood appearances before his breakthrough in “Generation Kill”.)


I’ve been not interested in these guys since their days of playing in a bar here in town back in the eighties. I think their singer and maybe one of their guitarists are from West Michigan.

I compared them to Fishbone, which I thought sucked pretty bad.


But the penis socks were divine.


I did not care for them during their heydays in the early-mid 90s. But I discovered how much I liked " Blood Sex …" when I was on a severe Rick Rubin bender about the same time as Frusciante’s “To Record …” came out. His solo albums - the melodies! - are pretty underrated and still hold up.


What I did like about them were all the albums before BSSM. Freaky Styley is fab. Much of the lyrics are dumb or actually offensive, but the feel was great. And ‘True Men Don’t Kill Coyotes’ stands up to this day.


I love early Chili Peppers. The 80’s stuff. I liked BSSM too. One Hot Minute was pretty fuckin’ lame. The '99 album that brought John Frusciante back into the fold was pretty good. I’m kind of indifferent to the albums they released the past 20 years.

On a side note, listen to “Green Heaven” from their first album (1984). It’s a kind of amazing & definitely sad how relevant that song is to recent times.


i was pretty unpopular back in the day because i just couldn’t stand the red hot chili peppers. it’s just shitty music


The tables have turned. Time has offset any coolness factor of their music, which is most likely a good thing. But I do love listening to Frusciante pick melodies out of his guitar, regardless of the shame that it brings.