Oh nooooo Neal Casal has passed away


I am shocked and saddened to wake up to this horrible news, but Neal Casal died yesterday.



Neil was so kind and tender hearted. This is really sad. Way too young.


To go from playing with Ryan to playing with Chris Robinson was perfect to me. When the CRB first came together and I got to see Neal again live I was thrilled. He was one of the best ever. This is heartbreaking :broken_heart:

I haven’t read anything saying what happened to him yet.


I went to the 2009 Cardinals shows in Nashville and Louisville. I was having breakfast with friends at the hotel when Neal walked in. I think we said “great show” or something, and he came over to chat. He was a genuinely nice guy.


What a wonderful mellow soul. Sad. RIP MFC .



Holy shit. I just saw this and had to read it a few times. I can’t believe it. What a shock and a loss.


I just saw the post on Instagram. Truly heartbreaking. I remember messaging him on Myspace years ago and telling him how much I liked his music, and he mailed me his CDs. Such a kind human. He will be missed.


What? That’s crazy.


Damn. Peace be with you.


RIP Neal…that fucking sucks.


In 2008 I was lucky enough to go to the “coffee shop” show in NYC featuring Neal, Ryan & Brad. After the show I got to talk to Ryan, & Neal came over to shake my hand, smile & say hello. I’ll never forget it. To go from one favorite band to another favorite band is awesome! RIPNC


It’s being reported now that it was suicide. I hope he finds peace.



The things we used to say about him…



I saw the article and thought "what the fuck???"
He deserves his own thread. Rest in peace, Neal.


It was all light hearted and fun. No one at Alt-Cuntery had an issue with Neal Casal. I think everyone has one degree or another of respect for the man.


Only thing I recall were jokes about the vests

Lighthearted for sure


Mentions his last performance from this past weekend at Lockn and a video.


We definitely poked fun at him on the old board, but I think it was done all in fun, and quite frankly, he probably would have enjoyed being in on the joke as well. Sad to hear this, great musician and photographer. He gave us some of the best images of the Cardinals in his book, A View of Other Windows.