Oh nooooo Neal Casal has passed away



I have mixed feelings about Circles Around The Sun grabbing a new guitarist and keeping their fall show dates. Whatever or whoever they come up with could never be the same… That was Neal’s band.






Pretty telling Ryan not invited.


Not really, was anyone expecting him to be there?


I watched the first half last night. Pretty awesome. Seems like they were showing the note he must have left.


What I saw so far:



I was in western New York yesterday, but I just couldn’t find a way to get to the show. Bummer.


Make me sad to read that.


Nice version of Rock me on the Water at 45min.


Apparently the show was over five hours!


Me too. Crushing


Yeah, not sure I could stand for a five-hour show. I attended Springsteen shows that were 3 1/2 hours or so, but that was thirty years ago. Glad they had the live stream.


I think I went to some dead shows that felt that long, but that might of been due to what was on board at the time.



Happy Birthday, Neal.