Oh nooooo Neal Casal has passed away


No Ryan quotes there. Bet some people just steer clear of him now.


Can you pass the salt?


I think that artists, artistic types are drawn to things that makes them more comfortable in a world where they wouldn’t be normally. Musicians, song writers, painters and photographers. Performers. They tend to be highly intellectual people who are socially and emotionally awkward; so, they find that thing that “loves” them. Their art or their passion. And that thing replaces relationships. And for as long as the thing works for them they can convince themselves that “this” is what they need…until it can’t. The hard truths set in. “This thing is not what I need.” Suicide becomes a very logical option.







Love this


Neal’s kindness.

Back on the old RAA I had somehow connected w Neal and had occasionally emailed with him. When “A View of Other Windows” came out I had ordered a few copies and one was for a gift. I remembered I had his email and asked him if he would sign a copy; he agreed gave me his address and asked that I send him return postage. I did and a week later I had my book back inscribed with a cool note and my money for return postage still inside. The note said “thank you for supporting my art; use this money to support more.”

I am sure there are hundreds of stories like this but we should all celebrate the kindness he shared with the world.

He will be missed and I will never forget what he did for me.


Just sadness.
Seemed like such a cool dude.

I recall stories from laterallie and she and Neal were very close friends…she had known him from the beginning

She was really hoping he’d stick around in the cardinals for Ryan’s sake


I’ve been following him on Tumblr for the last couple years and loved his photography. A bunch of portraits of him look to have been added to his feed.



He was a fantastic photographer. He really could capture human moments.



some good ones:



I didn’t follow the Cardinals very much, didn’t he and Spacewolf play together at the same time in the Cardinals?




Yeah, here’s the timeline of The Cardinals

Ryan Adams – vocals, guitar, piano, harmonica and banjo (2004–2009)
Brad Pemberton – drums and percussion (2004–2009)
Neal Casal – guitar, piano and vocals (2005–2009)
Jon Graboff – pedal steel, mandolin, guitar and vocals (2005–2009)
Chris Feinstein – bass guitar and vocals (2006–2009; his death)
Catherine Popper – bass guitar, vocals and piano (2004–2006)
J. P. Bowersock – guitar (2004–2005)
Cindy Cashdollar – steel guitar, lap steel, guitar and vocals (2004–2005)
Jamie Candiloro – piano and keyboards (2006-2007)