Oh nooooo Neal Casal has passed away


"If you ever feel like giving up, please call the Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.’

From Bob W’s fb yesterday…



word on the forums is that neal hung himself???

and possibly over Abe Vigoda’s daughter/granddaughter stalking and harassing him…

i don’t know any details other than what was gleamed so don’t take any of my post at face value…

i reached out to laterallie too…she is just gutted.

neal was just awesome and made every band he was in that much better.

sad sad sad.


her facebook is still up like she is dating neal…

fuck i don’t know.


I read that, wasn’t sure about posting it here though. But, if anyone wants to read more about that strange situation, there’s some discussion about it here:


sad indeed


Abe Vigoda’s daughter is probably in her 60’s so it’d have to be his granddaughter. He used to come to my restaurant in NJ with his daughter.

So this girl is a stalker? All that shit was made up?

I don’t think he’d kill himself over a stalker, unless he killed her first.


Anytime someone mentions Abe Vigoda it always seems like a set up for a joke. Is that just me?




Yeah, it’s kind of a bummer this is tied to a tragedy.


I’m just jumping to conclusions but she looks like a part time ho that went full time psycho.


listen to this beauty…




I didn’t realize Neal played with Ryan as recently as 2011. He appeared on Ashes & Fire, I just assumed after 2009 they didn’t make any music together, guess you learn something new every day.


Beautiful music, many thanks.


I love this photo. I thought that shirt looked familiar… maybe it was taken the same night I saw him with CRB at Bells beer garden.


Jeez. You all sure changed your tune on this guy…


welcome back!


the death of someone will do that…?


Hey, it’s @WillieCash!