Oh nooooo Neal Casal has passed away


Remember when someone suggested “Casal-Ology” for the crew’s mix-tape and everyone laughed and laughed?


Whuddup, Mut?


All is well. Good to see you here!


The vest-igial ribbing is nowhere to be found.


Hey Ely,

What’s the haps in the Dewey decimal system trade?


i don’t remember…i can only vaguely recall the vest jokes and canyon jokes

i’m sure happyhead did the majority of the mudslinging??? but like i said, can’t recall.

sad deal about neal


Did you just come here to take the piss out of us, Willie?


I was pretty sure that Happy was responsible for writing a NEal Casal/Canyon journal of some kind, too. And fuck Happy Head. He was a douche majeure.


Evidently, someone has to!


Good to see you.


Good to be seen :slight_smile:

Though I am not sure how long I will stick around.

It might be my VPN but the mechanics of this site really blow for me


I’m in an academic library, now so we use LC subject headings instead of Dewey Decimal.

Big change in terms of culture too. You might remember your old and timeless joke about having to sign out copies of Ebony magazine at my former employer.

Well, in this environment the touchy issues are personal pronouns, intercultural diversity, and trans admission policies. So, I guess I’m out of the frying pan and into the sous vide.


LC Subject headings?!? Have they no respect for the tradition?!?!?

I don’t recall the context of that joke but I hope it was rooted in at least a bit less racism than it seems looking at it now. latent prejudices are something I have been working on the last few years. When I took a good hard look at some of my behavior I realized I had to make some changes. Getting stabilized with my bipolar disorder helped as well.

I have a buddy who works at a rich kids’ school in Santa Monica and the crux of his job is dealing with the issues you brought up. It’s always interesting speaking with him to see what’s in the pipeline of social progress. Some of it seems ridiculous to me, but I have to admit there are other times where re-thinking the situation turns me around.

At any rate, now that I have thoroughly hijacked a thread about someone passing away…

I’m not sure how much I will be on but it is good catching up with everyone.




Thanks for that. ^^


The late Neal Casal will be remembered at the “There’s A Reward: A Celebration Of The Life & Music Of Neal Casal” concert at The Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, New York on Wednesday, September 25. Many musicians that collaborated with Neal over the past few decades will take part in the show from which proceeds will benefit MusiCares. A press release announcing the show also included word Circles Around the Sun will move forward with a new guitarist.

Beachwood Sparks, Chris Robinson Brotherhood and Circles Around The Sun are aboard as are Joe Russo with Dave Dreiwitz, Tom Hamilton and Scott Metzger. The tribute will also feature Hazeldine, Mapache, Dave Schools, Citizen Cope, Jeff Hill, Bob Glaub, Dan Fadel, Davis Jaynes, Don Heffington, Dori Freeman, Jesse Aycock, John Ginty, Jon Graboff, John Shannon, Kenny Roby, Leslie Mendelson, Rickey Medlocke, Robbi Robb and Zephaniah Ohora. More friends of Casal, who died by suicide last month, will also participate.




I have mixed feelings about Circles Around The Sun grabbing a new guitarist and keeping their fall show dates. Whatever or whoever they come up with could never be the same… That was Neal’s band.