Oh nooooo Neal Casal has passed away


Thanks! I should’ve been less dense and click around a bit to find something haha


No worries. Happy to help.


Every time I hear St. Peter’s Autograph it seems to always come back to Jason trying to console Amanda after Neal’s death.



That’s great. He did have a good eye.

I like the song too.


The coffee table book is being shipped now. Looking forward to the tribute album too.


The coffee table book is nice. I was surprised to see that it features an essay by DRA. Haven’t read it yet, not sure I will. The pictures are nice though.


Here’s one of Neal’s portraits. It was taken at the Bell’s Beer Garden before the CRB show I was lucky enough to attend. I saw the same security guy at the gate and remember noticing him.

I was so glad I was able to see Neal play with CRB that night. The only other time I saw him was with the Cardinals back in 2007.


He really shined in the CRB. :guitar:


my book is on the way; looking forward to sitting down with it, and listen to Neal’s music. I’ve always loved his albums; I have his A View of Other Windows photography book, which is great.

I loved Neal in the CRB; that band was so great. It became a tradition for me to see them in Chicago each year; they’d come around in the winters and play Thalia Hall. The last show I saw, about a year ago (?) was excellent.


Happy Birthday to Neal! :heart:


This arrived today! :peace_symbol:


Four years ago today: CRB at The 9:30 Club

My cousin Scott took these great pictures.


I miss CRB shows


So much. :confused:



I like both those songs. Good stuff.


Out today:




There are some lovely takes in this. Thanks mutineer