Oh nooooo Neal Casal has passed away


I went on a long drive yesterday to Richmond VA, and I had this on the whole way and back. Super beautiful album, I love it – went well with the changing leaves along the highway.

Also, for Neal, some covers I’ve done in recent time:
Fell on Hard Times: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sm6p29n3a104kfr/fell-on-hard-times.mp3?dl=0
These Days With You: https://www.dropbox.com/s/a145yh3qnn3a8su/these-days-with-you.mp3?dl=0
Traveling After Dark: https://www.dropbox.com/s/08nfg3um9a5lei1/traveling-after-dark.mp3?dl=0


Yeah, I drove back from Louisville, where I saw Dylan, and listened to the album. Lots of great stuff.


“The song ‘Ventura’ is about my friend Neal Casal. The first time I met Neal was on a magical night in New York City, he was working on Willie Nelson’s Songbird record as he was in Ryan Adams’ band The Cardinals at the time. He invited us out to the 17th St. bar where all the Cardinals were hanging out, he introduced me to the band and they all had laughed how they were happy that Ryan wasn’t there because they didn’t want me to have a bad impression of him.

Neil was always enthusiastic. We ran into him a few years later in Nottingham, England, where Ryan was playing the big theatre. Neal came out for coffee with me and my wife Coby and always had such nice things to say about my music and my career. He even sang on my Everything Is Real record, which was such an honour for me. Before he tragically passed, we had been in touch about him possibly playing guitar on some new music I was working on.

“I wanted to pay tribute to my friend in song. When it came time to make a video, I thought it would be very cool to have something surf related, as Neal was such a big surfer. He loved the ocean. I found this great old surf footage from California in the 50s on YouTube and approached the fellow who owned it (Wes Timmons) who also happened to be a film editor. He lovingly edited the video into the dream state we see. It fits perfectly to the song and is a beautiful tribute to Neal.”




Speaking of Neal…

I just uploaded this video onto Vimeo of a truncated version of Got Love if You Want It recorded at Bell’s.

Neal’s slide playing reminds me of Lowell George - and that is a good thing.



Happy Birthday to Neal today. :heart:


I have never understood sending happy birthday wishes to deceased people.


that’s okay. when you’re gone we won’t send them to you!!! HUGS!


I like to celebrate people even after they are gone.


i do too. i talk to the dead all the time…under the stars, when I’m walking along the river, on a hike, fishing…I’m always thinking about them…and the live ones too!


Happy Birthday to Neal; I know I still miss seeing him play live and all the music he probably had waiting. He’s had a profound effect on my guitar playing style, that’s for sure. He always came across as a kind person – whether when he’d pass me by when I’d be in line in the awful Chicago cold waiting for the doors to open for the CRB’s yearly stop at the Thalia Hall (why did they always and only come to CHI in January?!) or from anecdotal comments from people here or in random interviews of other artists. And his photography was/is so good, I love the books of his photos that have been put out. I found the way he talked about music and photography and surfing as very interesting, intelligent, and insightful. I try to carry it with me through my own days.


I miss Neal. :cry:


I’ll never forget him and will always miss seeing him play.


I am a fan of the profound platitude that people who have died are not truly gone until no one thinks about them anymore.


“There is no evidence of the soul except in its sudden absence. A nothingness enters, taking place where something was before.”

― Bruce Springsteen


Might have mentioned it before, but I still post a new “birthday” video every year on the Fakebook page of one of my friends who died a couple of years ago who truly shaped my taste in music – I try to pick music I know or at least strongly suspect he would have liked (a couple of years ago it was “Them Changes” with Thunder Cat, Ariana Grande , DOMI & JD Beck on Adult Swim and I think I got that one right).

I have not yet met anyone who loves music more than he did – he lived and breathed popular music and even held down an extra job in a music store to be able to listen to all the new stuff when he had a high-salary job. When he died, I looked through his playlists on Spotify and they were insane. Not a lot of 60 year-olds listen to hardcore underground rap / grime from London, for example. He basically listened to “everything”.


i do it for my brother every year as well. no plans to stop.



I miss drinking beers and talking about the Stones with him.


I miss The CRB and the absolute joy they brought to my life. :peace_symbol: