Oh nooooo Neal Casal has passed away


I listened to Big Moon Ritual walking around town this past weekend while my car was getting the oil changed. I almost forgot how much I love that album


I listen mostly to live shows, but agree on that album. For a band that was only around for a short time there’s a pretty awesome output of music.


The first Circles Around the Sun is one of my favorite instrumental albums in the last decade.


The funny thing I’ve noticed about my listening habits is over a long enough amount of time, I generally stop listening to the massive collection of live shows I have. I never listen to the Cardinal shows anymore, or even CRB. Maybe once in a while I will; actually, if there’s any live show I still put on regularly is Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Live Anthology or especially the Gainesville 9/21/06 show (it’s the second disc on that documentary Runnin Down a Dream). Maybe it comes down to production quality? I stopped collecting audience recordings a long time ago for that same reason.

I guess I’ve always been an album guy, but after a while I don’t go back to the shows; this isn’t to say I don’t love going to shows, because I do. I guess I’m more interested in revisiting the stories the album is telling in its original conception; of course a live show could be its own story too. Anyway, I’ll stop rambling :joy:


I hear you. But in general I am listening to live music most of the time.

I definitely do not listen to audience recordings. I am a snob to the max :blush:

But I have a nugs subscription now and listen to a lot of music there. Sadly no CRB on there but I have a ton of their soundboards that they recorded and sold. The quality is excellent.


My cousin just sent me this, 6 years ago today at the 9:30 Club.


great pic! I have a number of those CRB soundboards they sold too :slight_smile:

FB reminded me of their show at Thalia Hall in Chicago Nov 18, 2017. It became a (nearly) yearly thing for me to see them on my birthday. Those were the days :frowning: