Padma Lakshmi was raped @ 16



I read it. Pretty fucked up. Although I’ve never been raped, I’ve been in some sketchy situations. Most women have.


Kind of surprised there is still “Greek” life at Colleges/Universities. They seem like the farm system for high powered rapists.


Agreed. My kid had a cross country camp this summer. One if the things that happens is the senior girls give the freshmen boys a “lap dance” which is really them quickly sitting on the kids lap and moving to the next embarrassed kid. Still, it’s called a lap dance. But she says they can’t do an old fashioned car cram.

Sugar is not available for purchase at the school (soda, candy, sugar for coffee) although they sell coffee. Weird school. Sorry, that was a tangent.


Lap dances? Really?


well stated.

try and watch the movie animal house nowadays. doesn’t sit well at all.


Yep. It’s crazy what kids see as normal.


I guess it’s there for teachers and for students if they forgot to take their ritalin?


Maybe so. inkspot is in a business class and has to work the coffee stand sometimes so she’s learning the art of the latte.