Pet peeves


This is the place for them. Shit that bugs you but is really of no great import.

People who have stopped accenting syllables when they speak, leaving a word with every syllable hit with the same force. We understand that some syllables are meant to have some extra emphasis, while others are not. Foreign languages hector you with symbols, to ensure that you place the accent on the proper part of the word.

Not English. We trust you to know how this works, and a bunch of mealy-mouthed fuckwits have taken advantage of that. Abused that trust.

It’s the people who say “DID-ENT” instead of “DID-nt”. “STU-DENT” instead of “STU-dent”. It is most noticeable in contractions, or the word “CLINT-IN” instead of “CLINT-n”.

Unfortunately, now that I’ve pointed this out to you, you’ll see it.


I hate that too. My daughter used to say mow-IN for mountain and that kind of stuff.


Scratch lottery tickets, people in front of me buying them, and the government that prints them and parasitically feeds of the poor and disenfranchised.

Sentences with more than two “ands”.


When someone is talking and they ask a question that they then answer. Example…

“I don’t like Lebron James. Now, do I think he’s a good player? Of course. Do I think he’s the best? No.”

Being told how I slept and what I did while I was sleeping. I was asleep, I can’t help it.

Parents-to-be who say shit like “we are going to name him Charles and call him Charlie.” Fucking name him Charlie.


Text abbreviations done by adults. Most notably my mother in law. Or just that she texts like she’s 15.

“Lemme get back with u later tonite.”
“Prolly just me”

I hate prolly!
Lemme is the same amount of letters as let me. She always texts “Lemme no” and it drives me crazy. Is “know” too long to type? :grin:


My parents did this to me. Lisa was going to be my name and then two weeks before I was born my great grandmother, Eva passed away. Jewish people name a new baby after someone who recently passed away, and give the same Hebrew name and usually just the first letter of the American name. (This is how my non religious family explained it to me anyway.) So they decided to name me Elyse, but call me Lisa. It was always a pain in the ass on the first day of school to have to say “I’m Elyse, but I like to be called Lisa”.

So ten years ago my nephew was born and my brother said we’re going to name him Drew. Then said we’re actually going to name him Andrew but call him Drew. No one died who’s name began with an A, there was no reason to make it Andrew. I begged him not to do it. Seems silly but he’s going to have to tell people the rest of his life that he likes to be called Drew, not Andrew or Andy. They did it anyway.

He wasn’t even six months old when my brother said he should have listened to me!!! :thinking:


manbuns. Practically an epidemic.

My son will get a trophy for playing in t-ball, regardless of the outcome (games one or lost). Most parents want this, I don’t understand it.

The term “woke”


parents who can’t parent. parents who use toys or ipads to parent when they take their kids out to dinner

for example

the two families meet up at a restaurant and take up a table of 8

the moms and dads have all but forgotten their kids exist and now the kids are playing in the restaurant…tag, who can eat the most gun from under the table, who can sneak fries off another family’s table, who can sneak away into the bathroom and destroy it…ETC ETC

took my girls out for fro yo last week…good kids. sophia had her first softball game and i told her her first and last game we’ll go out for yogurt

we get there and there’s a couple families who have just occupied and taken over the whole fucking place. we can’t make our way past…we are scooting through and it’s as if we don’t exist…so i say excuse me and make my way through the 3 kids that are jungle gymin around my fucking legs and around sophia’s torso…they’re screaming and yelling and eating yogurt

meanwhile we make our way past them…the parents didn’t even acknowledge…make our way up and the kids are coming up and cutting in front of us and helping themselves to “refills”

frozen yogurt is pay by the fuckin pound so these little goblins are fillin up and i hear the mom say grab me some chocolate and get yourself some strawberry …“awww she just wants a little refill…”

fuck you lady. fuck you dad.

bad parents. pet peeve.

sorry, but andrew and drew is the least of our worries!!


“Fro yo”


One that just occurred today: overly aggressive baserunning in children’s t-ball.

The kids are age 4-6. We’re supposed to teach them the fundamentals of the game, not try to take extra bases at every opportunity, even when the ball is already in the infield, just because most of the kids can neither throw nor catch with any semblance of reliability.

Hell, we don’t even keep score at this age, and this moron lady coach is sending runners like it’s the damn World Series. Good job, lady – you’re providing shitty instructions in instructional league softball.

Also, “should of” / “would of”.


People who trim their nails at work or in public. Disgusting - that’s something you should be doing in the privacy of your home.

This ones more personal, but it drives me absolutely nuts when my boyfriend ex-wife will call to talk to the girls at 8:15/8:20 at night (bedtimes 8:30) and then sit there and just talk and talk and talk and then get mad when the kids aren’t engaging or conversing with her. They’re 2 & 6. They don’t care what shopping trip you did, also they’re tired. Call at 3 or 4 and they’d yak her ear off.


that’s what my kids call it :wink:

i think it’s pretty cute



exactly james.


i’d like to throat punch all the parents and coaches that encourage this type of “baseball”

fuckin assholes


or if they can throw, they don’t know what to do with it…


that’s what annoying girl in my office calls it too. :wink:

your kids are still cute! :heart:



take off your bra elyse and take andrew out for some fro yo


This parent and daughter who need to…
Facebook post:

Looking for someone to make a small cake or 12 cupcakes for my daughters bday for Pick up Saturday or Sunday.
Would like to incorporate her three fav things:
and PINK (VS brand)


I have a co worker who writes/types “all” instead of “I’ll” as in "all be in a little late today."
I don’t get it. She’s smart too.


Not too smart, apparently.


This is what destroyed our favorite hop house. Kid friendly does not mean let your feral child use the water tank as a toy. It’s not a playground. It’s dog friendly too and the dog owners are way more considerate. Now kids have to be out by 9 because of the chaos. My 13 year old knows how to behave but…THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS.