Pet peeves


do they ever text you too?


I got into a physical altercation with a locksmith this morning and nearly went to jail. Dude brought his shitty attitude to work on the wrong day.


Omg :open_mouth:


Stay cool, monkey. Nobody needs you in jail.


Monkeys new avatar made me think he was Dougo.


January was a hard fucking year and I wasn’t ready for some asshole to insta-fuck-up my February. I’m usually very calm but this guy went the extra mile.


Fuck him up, Monkey!!

j/k we’re too old for that shit.



take er easy out there monkey. don’t go to jail for pieces of shit. not worth it.


I got close to him to give him a piece of my mind and he shoved me and said he was gonna "whoop me like a dog. I elbowed him in the forehead and knocked him on his ass. He called the cops. Dumbass didn’t see all the surveillance cameras around before he lied to the officer.


don’t suppose we could see the footage?


I’m actually looking into that! :smiley:


Oh yeah, he had it coming. Should never have touched you.


Kind of similar - my brother is a construction foreman (Mexican, haha, I know) and he caught two of his dudes doing crack or something like that in one of the units. He brought them in separately to talk to them. First guy admitted it and left. Second guy wanted to be a bulldog about it. My brother is only about 6’1" but built like a brick wall. They got in a argument, the dude swung and missed - my brother cracked him so hard his hardhat went flying. Guy limped away. My brother had a fucked up thought. There’s security cameras all over the construction (it’s huge and commercial) so he went to security. They pulled up the footage. When my brother hit him and the helmet when flying the security guys were all “WHOA” then they rewound it, slow motioned it, laughed their asses off. The end.


the footage. We need to see the footage.


I don’t like to be touched. Shoving is a whole other level of fucked up.


Damn, Monkey is on some Krav Maga.

Elbows are a raw yet refined combative.


Only? That’s the best scenario. Someone swings at you, then you counter.

Monkey, I’m as excited about this footage as Waves was/is about that fake Meg White sex tape.


There are seven elbows in Krav.


Lottery scratch off addicts in front of me in the check out line.


Yes! Doing that shit right in front of you. Hogging your time! And it’s like they have a fucking strategy or something? I never see those fucker get into a nice car.