Pet peeves


I sure don’t want kids and dogs getting in the way of my drinking.


dog owners who use social media to post pics of their dogs and have their dogs talk about their owner in 3rd person and then back to 1st person and vice versa

“oh look at me! i’m a good boy…my owner took me to the vet cause i had a case of the burps and now i get treats!!! i have such a good owner!!!”



Honestly, I could list dogs as pet peeves… and I have one.



dogs are dogs.

they’re suppose to bark, whine, barf, shit, fart, run, slobber, lick, jump and destroy.



Its more of my problem really.

I’m a light sleeper and I wake up every morning when my neighbor let their dog out the back door - Colby goes WOOF when he’s ready to come in… and I wake up.

Two doors down they have two little yippy terriers that bark that annoying high pitched yip all the fucking time. They put the dogs outside a lot so we can share their misery.

When certain dogs go walking around the block there is sure to be conflict with our leashed dog and makes walkies a pain in the ass.

…but I suppose they have some value.


My boyfriends like Dougo when it comes to dogs… or so he says… he’s building the puppy a dog house for both houses, is convinced the puppy needs a plastic baby pool in the yard, and is figuring out how to make my senior dog a ramp so he can get into his truck for camping this summer. Not to mention the fact that he’s decided he needs a camper shell on his pickup so it’s easier to take them camping with us this summer.

Also- real cranky pet peeve, but I cannot stand small talk when I’m just walking into the door at work. Give me a minute to get to my desk, logged in, and settled before telling me about the 10 things your kid did last night


Yes! I always give someone a chance to settle in before talking about work or whatever. Some people just pounce on you when you get in the door.


The current, trendy overuse of ‘well…’ in advertising.

‘At Sears, our mowers are…well, reliable.’

Some sort of faux humility, like “I’m afraid to say this, but it’s true, and no other word will do in this situation, so I’m going to just go ahead and say it, since it’s not really bragging.”

Hay asshole adman–I know it was a tough day and ideas weren’t what you would call ‘flying’ around the room, but don’t just steal everyone else’s low-vocabulary conceptual cheat. Think for yourself. You’re in a ‘creative’ position. Create, don’t imitate.


A sub-category of the above is the ‘creative’ types that simply ape what they heard last week. I’m not talking art or music, I’m talking direct creative commerce. So much mediocrity I just want to pee on their socks.


Advertising always copies. They don’t want to be ahead of everyone because the average person can’t relate. Too edgy leaves most people behind.


People who don’t put shopping carts AKA buggies back.

People who don’t pay attention to the order at a 4 way stop.

People who overshare or post daily on social media.


On my way to and from work everyday there’s an 8-way stop. It is unbelievable how many people do it wrong! :grin:

There’s so many driving pet peeves. And I came from the crazies in NJ who will honk if you hesitate for a fraction of a second at a green light to people in KY who tend to take their time, I have to stop myself from getting frustrated.


The bigger problem is to find clients willing to sign off on something that is cutting edge. A lot of creatives come up with great, funny ideas and aren’t able to sell the client on them.

And of course everybody is terrified of being sued or shamed in social media… so they’d just rather settle on the vanilla template.



There’s two types of assholes in this world

Those who leave their cart in the lot and those who push it into a new car and drive off


This is why Aldi is a great place to shop.


I shopped at Aldi once. Didn’t know there was a 25 cent cart deposit, so I didn’t have a quarter with me. That bs and their ‘one brand, one size’ product depth made sure I only shopped at Aldi once.


It’s a divisive store, for sure. But at least there is baked-in personal accountability and foresight. Not a lot of dollar general shoppers there, even though the prices are low.


I walked into Aldi once. bought nothing. never went back.


I go there to watch octogenarians slip and fall.


I thought you went there to get your “Fruit-O’s” generic cereal.