Pet peeves


Speaking of grocery, I have a pet peeve.

It’s really with Walmart and those types of businesses. Meijers is the food store in this area that is and has been mostly the main grocery store. Now Walmart has to make sure that wherever there is a Meijers - we have four locations - they build a brand new huge Walmart Superstore… you know so they can run them out of business too. We waited forever to have a grocery store on our side of town and as soon as it was built Walmart was buying up the land, tearing down all the smaller businesses to make room for their huge grocery store.

Fuck them, I almost never shop there.

I hate those stores and the ones like Menards that are selling groceries now too and running all the lumber yards and hardware stores into bankruptcy.

You can’t find anyone who works there to help you, hiring people isn’t cost effective in their business plan.



I don’t eat cereal.


I go there for one thing. Their store brand crystal cat litter. It’s awesome.


so it’s the 25 cents cover charge that keeps the riff raff away?


I live in the historical district of my little town. We ran a proposed Walmart grocery store out of town. Thankfully.


You don’t have to eat cereal anymore to get all your vitamins and nutrition!

And I think Burger King’s demographic skews towards stoners.


Wait? Why would you ever put me in the stoner category???


I didn’t.

Have you tried a BK Froot Loops shake?

Do you frequent the King?


Naw, I said it was the foresight and planning. Lots of immigrants shop there and people on the come-up (myself excluded).


8 way stop?! I thought our 5 way was bad.


yeah you can turn or go straight from each direction. 2 lanes at each stop. it’s crazy…


HAHAHA Do you frequent the King.


Sounds like a death trap.


No and no.


when I lived in rural Georgia the 5 lane stop near our house was a wellspring for my judgmental nature towards rural southerners.

An 8 lane one would have pushed me into a eugenics book club.


one person fucks up and goes out of turn or waits too long and the whole cycle gets ruined.


People think they’re so cosmopolitan around here but get them at a 5 way stop it’s Bitch City. In their defense, It is hard to know how who stopped first when you have your nose in your phone.

Texting drivers. Probably my biggest peeve. Or surfing drivers. Stop and go traffic is SO boring.


We have graduated to roundabouts in these parts.

Or whoop-de-doos as I call them.


How do they work in the US?

You have right of way coming onto one?
Or coming off of one?

Different countries do it one of these two ways

Except India where the biggest vehicle always has right of way


We have right of way coming off… they do keep traffic flowing once you get used to them.

Ours go counter-clockwise as is the case in all civilized countries. :smiley: