Pet peeves


But which way does your water/pee go down the plug hole?


Love aldi! The three grocery store options I have is local chain in the rich neighborhood (pricey), same local chain in A more middle class neighborhood (still pricey, just not as good quality), and aldi.

We spend about $30-35 a week for two adults and part time kids. We spend at least $20 more when we go to the local chain for produce and other items that aren’t much better. Not to mention the live g-free stuff is affordable vs Whole Foods or the gluten free at the regular grocery store.

Although, I’m not sure how it would be if we had to buy meat. We do a lot of venison, wild turkey, and beef from a cow his family had butchered.

On another note - the local butcher shop by me sells venison at a crazy high price - $10.99 a lb for ground and $25 a lb for a loin! The cost of having the whole 200lb thing processed is normally $200.


the misuse of “literally”…e.g. i was LITERALLY dying laughing…no, you mean you were figuratively dying laughing, or…you were actually close to passing away? really now?


Another pet peeve of mine - we get more than one, right?

Major league baseball games that take four fucking hours.

I blame that stupid replay rule, among other things. It took about one year and, of course every play that is even remotely close has to be challenged. Also hitters are good enough to just keep fouling off pitches now.

The games just drag on and they are losing their audience. Maybe they need to start with a 1 and 1 count and you’re out after the second foul ball with two strikes.

Right Balv? Works in softball!


Between innings should be sped up a bit.


Sponsors would never go for it.


My Pet peeve is apparently

Apparently, Ralph drank all the borboun


Not apparently

Obviously or actually
There’s nothing apparent about it
There’s no question


except…you realize baseball is growing at a faster percentage than any other sport right now? so they aren’t losing fans over long games.

edit: revenue wise i meant


apparently so


Apparently- as it would appear.


i remember in a physics class i took the smart ass teacher put on the test:

“the earth’s apparent rotation around the sun is 365 days.”

i put false because he put apparent in there

i was the only one to get it right

people were so pissed!!!

probably why it ended up being a pet peeve


365 is also wrong

That’s why we have leap year and leap second

It’s also false that it’s a leap year every 4 years


People talking over you in a conversation. That’s just a plain lack of respect and decency.


and people talking over you in your own post about leap years and shit!


Anyone selling Herbalife. We should be able to run those fuckers over.


There’s 2 different Pet Peeve threads on the old message board.


Guys roller skating casually, with their hands in their pockets.

They’re asking for trouble.


When people say “you’ve made a complete 360!” instead of 180.

Saw a new pet peeve re:buggies today. Some shitdick left one of the handheld baskets from target laying on the ground in the cart collector outside. I really want to stab people.



That’s fucked up! :no_mouth: