Pet peeves


People who sit in the car with the engine running waiting, for long periods of time, when it’s not cold outside.

Just burning carbon and polluting the air for fun.

Worst of all are coach drivers. Those who walk around for 20 minutes before the bus is due leave talking to colleagues and usually smoking, with the engine running the whole time. Like it’s the 50s still when you might not risk turning the engine off in case you couldn’t restart. Morans.


Aren’t diesels more efficient to keep running at idle than to restart 10 minutes later.

Seems like I’ve heard that.


Just caught up on this thread. It’s great. Here’s some of mine:

  1. How often the word “amazing” is used. Not everything is amazing. “She’s amazing.” “That show is amazing.” “This band is amazing.” No, she’s not. No, it’s not. No, they’re not.

  2. When people tell the same stories, the same way, with the same jokes. Change it up a bit. It’s not hard.

  3. When people decide that their rules of the road are better than the actual rules of the road. This one really gets me because I’ve seen people almost get into accidents. Here’s the scenario: Two lanes of cars heading in the same direction are at a stop light. Car A is facing the opposite direction and wants to make a left hand turn across the two lanes of cars at the stoplight. Car A does not have the right of way. Car A is waiting to make the turn (and should wait as long as it takes to make a safe turn). Car B is one of the cars at the stop light and has some room in front of him where Car A could sneak through. Car B sees that Car A is waiting and decides, “Well, looks like someone needs to take control here”. Car B starts waving his little bitch hand at Car A, indicating they should make their turn. Car A takes Car B’s advice and starts cutting across the first row of cars, but as Car A is about to cross the 2nd lane of waiting cars she almost gets rammed by a car coming up quickly because some of the cars have been able to make right turns, causing the rightmost lane to start moving forward. Tires screech. Horns honk. Someone was almost injured.


That was absolutely true of engines years ago. A huge amount of fuel was guzzled up to start her up.

Now though, with modern engines, depending on the source you read anything over 10-30 seconds of idling is less fuel efficient than turning it off and on again.

I understand If it’s really cold or really hot and the motor needs to be running to regulate the temperature, but nowadays sitting there for 5, 10, 20 mins at a time is an unnecessary air pollutant and wasteful.


You are correct.

My brain was stuck in the '70’s again. They’ve improved technology now to the point where it is just plain wasteful to keep your car or truck idling…

However, I doubt if I’ll be shutting my car off any time soon while driving - waiting for a traffic light or in a traffic jam. I do shut off my car waiting for trains, however.


Agreed. I wouldn’t shut it off if in traffic. You have to be ready to move on and get out of the way quickly to stay safe.

It’s the people who are waiting outside a shop or home fully parked up, looking at Facebook on their phones who annoy me most. With them I expect it’s more laziness than any real thought for relative fuel efficiency.


My wife does this and it drives me nuts.

I’ll hear some noise thumping in our garage and open the door to investigate and there she’ll be sitting in her car with the engine running and the stereo cranked up looking at her phone.

Maybe if I close the garage door it would end this madness.


I think the biggest reason that I broke up with my ex is because she would NEVER shut the fuck up. I never got a word in, ever. She said I talked in my sleep. Yeah…because it’s the only time I could talk.

She also told me the same shit about life in general over and fucking over again. I truly hope she lives out the rest of her days alone.


Zing!!! :grinning:


I also had a girlfriend who never shut up. It was literally train of thought completely unedited 24/7.

There were good reasons it lasted as long as it did, but in the end the eternal stream of drivel was just unbearable.

She worked at the same company too. I helped her get a new job and then ended it. Peace at last.

The next thing I knew she was pregnant with one of our clients. I wonder how he got on.

For me: lucky escape.


I tried twice after the original breakup to mend fences…but she was so fucking horrible.

And the sex was shotty. How is it she came and I didn’t.

Anyways…if I ever see her out with a man I’ll insinuate that she gave me an std (she did not).


Maybe she gave you a mental std?


I know she drove me back into psychotherapy .


She sounds like one strange and difficult lady. Maybe better off without her.


Thank you! She has everyone fooled though. But one by one people are seeing her as the nutter that she is.


old wounds truly do heal.

sounds like you are all good!


“Same difference”


i love same difference.

i love double negatives and non sequiturs and run ons and double entendres and run ons and analogies and car analogies and super slick snobby metaphors w/ alliteration and run ons


Grizz loves alliteration. He’s obsessed with it!


people who take 2 parking spaces for their one car. deliberately, not accidentally.
As if to say “My car is precious and I don’t trust you not to hit my doors with yours.”