Pet peeves


There are lots of videos on YouTube where citizens have set such errors straight! I enjoy them too much so I had to stop watching them.


Adults who think it’s ok to sniff repeated and audibly whilst standing or sitting next to you on public transport. Usually whilst glued to their phone. Rather than blowing their nose or just not sniffing. Repeatedly.


The girl in the cube on the other side of mine snorts. Non-stop. There are days I have to walk away because of how sick it makes me feel.


snorts what?


or snorts when she laughs?

in which you case you should chortle back w/ an exaggerated snort of your own!!! and see who wins!


Leave an anonymous post-it

Quit it, piggy :pig:


Snorts snot. Snorts it and swallows it.


I would be more concerned about the starter than the money you save in gas. If you shut down your car at every idle opportunity and start it up again, you’re gonna need a new starter a lot sooner. I deliver food part time, so I end up leaving my car idling a lot. It’s not ideal agreed, but I don’t know there’s a better option.


motherfuckers who sneeze into their elbow instead of their hands knowing full well that we will be do-si-doing later


so true!


I’m going to name my next pet Peeves.


People who name their pets with ‘humorous’ names.


My cat is a Russian Blue. His name is Boris.


we have a maine coon cat

his name is ramsay.


to think of the manufacturing and fossils fuels used to build new starters could potentially be more harmful and wasteful than idling.

i don’t subscribe to the turning off your car

i’m an idler and proud of it!


Hey! Good for you, Bub. Thinking anyone really cares what you think. Good for you!


Ummmm my dog is named Ham(ilton) T-Bone Hamhock. Totally failed on the non cutesy name.


“I have all my i’s dotted and t’s crossed”


Does anyone call their pet by their actual name?


my dog’s name is Grizz. He was named by the foster parents after Clark Griswold. We kept the name bc we like Clark Griswold a lot.

I call him Grizzballs most of the time. Senor Grizzballs is a favorite too.


People who eat while driving. Somehow this annoys me most when it’s people eating breakfast. How long does it take to make eggs? Surely not as long as it does to wait in a drive through (idling).

I’ve said this before, but people who don’t break down cardboard boxes before depositing them in recycling dumpsters should be placed in reeducation camps.