Pet peeves


People who don’t bother to recycle piss me off. One of my neighbors told me she doesn’t recycle because her garbage bill would go up $8 a month or something.


Stuff. And things.


maine coons are great. big fucker?


Does ambiguity, and perseveration count?


Only prevarication and subterfuge.


I have Jasper, Mouse, Olive, Joni and (Alan) Bennett - put that in your pipe and smoke it! :smile_cat:


he’s still growin

15 lbs and just a little purrin love machine.



Ozzie, Jack, & Bruce

Vinny & Ramsay

Henrietta, Claudette, Chewie, Rachel & Monica…phoebe was eaten in february


a beta fish named Bubbles…my youngest wanted one so i said sure

and 4 bee hives scattered across town :wink:


Pet Peeve

People that think they are some sort of tough by smoking at the gas pumps. i hope your fuckin car blows up you inconsiderate dick head.


When people name their food.


they make food you fucko.

you can’t eat pets.


:frowning: who ate Phoebe???


we never found out.

but it never came back

it was a blood curdling -16 degree feb night and only ate her face and neck and left the rest.

weasel? raccoon? mangy fucking feral cat?

haven’t seen it since



when jack gets on the couch i yell JACK OFF! JACK OFF!


At least you didn’t name him Shithead.


My brother in law has a Great Dane he named Bruce Wayne. He thinks it’s funny. I don’t get it.


Mine all have nicknames

Stella the cat = Stells Bells or Stella Bella or just shouting Stella like I’m in a streetcar named desire

Buddy the old golden retriever = bubbas, bubbies, old man, buddy boy. Like he’s 13, so struggles getting up and down (he’s learned that if he stays put my boyfriends kids will bring his food bowl to him at dinner time, instead of having to walk to it), and if he sees me getting up he’ll try to, so I’ll tell him to stay comfy old man.

Hamilton the puppy = Hambone, Ham, and then if he’s outside when my biyfriend comes home he always aks where the “shitheed” is. Never to his face though!


Balv named my cat, Hiro. True story.


Chicken face is a delicacy!

By the way our dog’s name is Delaney (as in Delaney & Bonnie). We call her Laney, Looney or The Loon.


Do the bees have namezzzzz ?