Pet peeves


hiro is a little ball of scruff!



My ex used to say teehee in lieu of laughing; particularly when she thought she was being clever, which was most of the time. I don’t miss that…or the bad blowjobs either.


Mr. Gay/Deus ex Machina does that.

Let that sink in.


That’s what triggered my comment.


There’s an episode of Scrubs where Mandy Moore plays Zach Braff’s girlfriend and she never laughs she just says “That’s so funny” every time and it drives him crazy.




facebook friends that talk like this and share this bullshit


the fucking worst. also, it’s literally a pet peeve


I want her dog to die.


That woman must be terribly lonely.


Do y’all ever get Christmas cards from people and it’s a picture of a single person (a woman, in our case) dressed up in holiday garb and her dog wearing a Christmas sweater?

These come from my wife’s friends. I’m glad they are thinking of us, but I found it odd. Anyone else experience this?


i have a couple people that send their year in review typed up…big fucking stupid letters.

3rd person and mixed up person form

i really want to do a mock one some xmas but my wife won’t let me


I can do you one better, I know a family who sends us these and they actually write a section from the point of view of the dog, complete with a doggy accent.

They are lovely people, though. I’d like to see your mock version.


They have a German Shepherd, don’t they?






If someone is Christmas card-worthy, chances are they don’t need your year end recap. Also, no male has ever been the driving force behind such a thing


My aunt and uncle up in northern NY do that…“we traveled the world, we hosted refugees, we saw all our family except you”

Paraphrased, of course.


I have a former neighbor that used to write one of those every year (he is male). Reading it was like watching one of those templated Facebook movies that show “highlights” of your year, or friendship or whatever.

Of course, he fancied himself a writer as well, so it was “cleverly” written. You know, throwing in a few jokes in order to mention that they did attend the Indianapolis 500 for the fifteenth year in a row.

It would sicken me to read it each year… kind of like a two sided, single spaced brag-a-thon.