Pet peeves




i hate the xmas 3rd person self congratulatory jerk off toot your own horn-a-thon


Oh yeah.

With a heapin’ helpin’ of my kids are better than your kids.


My previous neighbor would do the year end highlight letter/card. He would usually cover his trips for the year, his health and his pets. No kitty talk though. He would also invite us over to view pic from his trips. He’s single. I miss him. He was a great neighbor.


My family used to get one every year from an old nursing school friend of my mom.

They had 9 kids and all of their names started with K. it had all their faces on there, sloppily cut out with scissors and stuck next to their names. It was like a little patchwork quilt of a letter - before the wonders of PhotoShop.


do you see it!


aww I do. why is that a pet peeve?


it isn’t


People who mumble. There are a few managers where I work that mumble. How hard is it to speak articulately, loud enough for others to hear, and not string your words together?! I find it’s mostly an issue with a lot of the 30-something men I work with.


mumblers suck.

how about people in general?

monkey, you with me?


If you can’t bring your kid to a restaurant, a mall, or in the car without a Nintendo Switch/DS, Kindle, iPad, etc…

you are a failure as a person/parent/organism.



Has been a long-standing peeve of ours too!!


People in general do suck. We are a shit species anymore.


can i get an amen?


My kid chooses not to be on her phone in restaurants. It’s embarrassing to her.


my kids have shitty tracfones only for texting their dad.

they never even bother to bring them out unless they’re at school, band, or swim practice :wink:




Yeah, my spoiled brat has the newest iPhone. He’s not allowed to have it when he’s with me.


Hannah wants an iPhone

I tell her no way Jose

She grimaces

I wink

She smirks

I wink more

I then text her on her shitty Trac fone


Reminds me of my time serving as the designated “PrickDad”.


ahhh! my mom texts like she’s 15 too! Also, ends most of her texts with an ellipsis. Love the suspense of: “hope u have fun 2 nite…”

My biggest pet peeve at the moment: people who say “heighth” (sounded out as “heigh-th” ) instead of height. As if it needs to mimic “width”. Why???