Photoshop me a picture of the US Army marching into the sea


For that is from where we came and have always yearned to return. To return to that first primordial sense of who we were before returning to the spark that triggered it all. I’m still out here burning it all down for you, Jennie. You got liver cancer at 36, you were cursed with diabetes from the beginning, but fought through this world long and lived the teenage dream of dying young. I still pray that the lord of this aeon sees us and can make some eternal monument to our suffering but then I feel that ship must’ve sailed long ago. I count the stars at night most nights and try to name the ones too new or distant to see


Lost your muse huh?


She probably just got out of the bindings finally. I think mrgay is probably too lazy to be a very good kidnapper.


It turns out that it’s easier to slip off the bindings when it rubs the lotion on its skin.


That’s why I don’t use bindings at the same time as lotion.


You should write a book about that. For Mr Gay.


Not hard to chew out of laffy taffy.


Good idea for a sign for your workplace?


She was the first one that got away. She found a great husband - a pilot - and brought a child into the world. I was her toad.

The first one I managed to restrain until I could muster myself to commit murder was the lesbian folk singer. But it turns out she can’t die. She (or it) is an immutable, shape-shifting reptilian, and it placed me into the reptilian matrix when I stared into the vacuum of its eyes. The reptilian matrix was first established on earth in the time of the Sumerians and continued to this day. When you die they synthesize you into soylent green. Most women you see today are not humans but reptilians.


Congested sexual release meets edibles.