Picture of the day!


Twenty-five thousand books, manuscripts, artifacts and objects fill entrepreneur and inventor Jay Walker’s personal 3,600-square-foot library, which “wakes up” upon walking in.⠀

Glowing with theatrical lighting, music and LED-lit glass panels, the library in his Ridgefield, Conn., home consists of 3½ stories of items he peruses through a system of memory, chance and inspiration.⠀

"It is designed to be intentionally disorienting," he said.⠀ - Wall Street Journal https://www.wsj.com/articles/private-libraries-that-inspire-11556209156?fbclid=IwAR0WjIsbIktamb3f2qANqMYh-FWDkbKT8agOMAxPv9d99JJe2-d44tG9ebg


The Wave in Coyote Buttes, just south of the Utah-Arizona state line.


Back for a couple of days in Wisconsin.


Time lapse in the bee yard.


That’s amazing.



Downtown on Main Street yesterday:

From the inside on Main Street:


At the 21C museum hotel:


Love that place.



where’s this?


That’s Edale, about an hour up the road from me. Peak District, England. Beautiful place.



I’ve been going through some old slides I shot. Some of them got damaged By mold, but look pretty nice after I scanned them.


Here are a few from the same batch from Epcot back in the day. I over-sharpened them in photoshop.


That looks awesome


That’s a crazy effect.




Good morning! Beauties! :sunflower:


Aw, you’re looking the wrong way little one!