Picture of the day!


Then shit got crazy. Look at these clouds. Storms-a-coming


Hawk on my balcony recently.


That is SO cool!!



Oh yeah - not sure if you heard, but we had ourselves a little parade here last week


Congrats, Ghar! What a great series. Raptors are an excellent team.



Meteor shoots over a forest giant (Eucalyptus regnans) in the Dandenongs, Victoria, Australia

Steven Sandner


Moonrise Over Pie Pan by John Pfahl 1977

It’s classic. For the win–what is it based on?


Sunset on st. Pete beach tonight:


Yesterday we got a perfect beach day!


And then another awesome sunset :sunrise:




Back in Louisville and back at work now. It’s beautiful but it’s so MF HOT there in the summer. I don’t know how people live there year round.

I stayed in the water most of the day. Even the water is warm.


The gulf down there is bathwater for about three months. Just lots of AC and not going outside otherwise.


Concrete sculpture/Artificial reefs by Jason deCaires Taylor


Emergency landing. Dragonfly and chameleon.
Photo: Mustafa Öztürk on 500px


Washington Island and Rock Island, Door County, Wisconsin.



Fancy poultry parts sold here.
Breasts and thighs and hearts.
Backs are cheap and wings are nearly free.
Nearly free