Picture of the day!


Is that a duck-billed platypus?


Nope, it’s a Blue-footed Booby


So close!


My lack of ornithological knowledge has been exposed.



For Dougo !:sunglasses:


I’m afraid to have that phrase on my search history. :waxing_gibbous_moon::waning_gibbous_moon:


My mom is in Chicago for the first time. I sent her this pic I took of the Yankee Hotel Foxtrot buildings. That’s what I call them, don’t know the real name. Tomorrow she’s going on a guided tour so she’ll hopefully see them.


Marina City - "Designed by Bertrand Goldberg and completed in 1964, Marina City was the original city within a city development. The twin tower’s iconic corn cob shape has appeared on everything from classic airline posters to the cover art for Wilco’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. Just months ago, the city began the process of granting the development Chicago landmark status. "


There is a great architecture tour by boat that I’ve been on there…


She’s doing that boat tour today!


Here’s a manipulated picture of a new linoleum block I’m getting ready to proof.



Pablo Picasso in his studio near Cannes, France in 1956. Photo: Arnold Newman



show these to steve.

i’m sure he’ll think they’re as bad as my jokes



There’s a story about Picasso and his studio I like… He hired an assistant who was working with him in his studio. One time when the artist wasn’t there the assistant decided to clean up a bit and swept his studio. When he returned he fired the assistant on the spot. He didn’t want the dust kicked up onto his paintings that were drying.



1965 Striped Porsche 911



Here’s a proof I pulled of this latest linoleum block on black paper. I printed the main, figurative element with white ink and the background elements with a bit of brown mixed with white… I let the white coverage get lighter and lighter as I printed more copies, revealing a cement-like texture.