Picture of the day!


Some nature pictures from my garden ~

Female evening cicada:

Cicada exoskeleton:

And a lizard that fell off of a leaf and is struggling to get back on :laughing: :


This is my favorite picture. It’s hanging on my wall in a frame and I took a picture of it with my phone.

This is my old dog Ginger on the left and my best friend’s old dog Trooper. We were up on Federal Hill in downtown Baltimore across from the Harbor.

This was taken around 1999-2000.




Eagle could of had two for the price of one.







OK then, I’ll join in the garden photo’s, we planted Tomato’s ,Basil ,Chilli’s , Spinach, Cucumbers, Passionfuit and a whole bunch of herbs recently and we have our first fruit coming through :grinning: I’m going to pick a whole lot of Basil today and make some pesto for Spaghetti Marinara tonight !


Uploading…Finished !!



Chuck Zlotnick


That last one looks like me when I’m out hunting for morel mushrooms.

All stealthy like that so they don’t see me coming.




Is this one of yours?
I have a few bird pictures that I took that are similar. :grinning:


Nope, on a birding page I frequent.