Picture of the day!




that’s an awesome shot!!


It is… makes me think eagles evolved from the frog family.


that’s an osprey!


Sunset on Mars.


Oh. I didn’t think his face looked eagle-like.

Guess I’ll have to get the bird book out and study up.


dust it off eh!


Happy Hanukkah!



Courtesy of The Mighty Croz!


My friend brought me back a gift hand made by a guy he knows in Jamaica who carves wood to make his living. It is a pipe made out of Lignum Vitae, one of the strongest woods in the world. Yesterday was “Green Day” in Michigan and we had a little celebration… but this pipe is just about too nice to use.


Like any good Jew, I light the candles next to the Christmas tree with Santa peaking between. :ok_hand:t2: