Picture of the day!


I did all that stuff! Except the catacombs. Love that city.

I took this at Versaille, basically right where you took the family pic that is lower in the collage you made.

and these in town


I don’t even have to try!


Very nice!



At a nature preserve less than a mile from my front door:


Getting lost yesterday


the love colors in this and the irony


Mae’s first hockey practice. I have three of them playing now and they all love it.


I love hockey.

I may be able to play a little lake hockey this winter if the lake would hurry up and freeze.


I love hockey too. I just don’t play or even skate. My stepson takes it pretty seriously. He has started going to stick and puck time before school at 5:45am.

My biggest complaint with hockey is that I wish I had to go to the rink in the summer instead of the winter.




and a baby swordfish:


Not a picture but a bunch of pictures.
I found a Flickr group with a bunch of pictures of RA & the Cardinals. Thought some of you guys might enjoying seeing them, especially @LBSUNFLWR .

Here’s the link:

RA & the Cardinals photos


Here’s a nice one:

Wonder where those neon roses went. I’d like one. :hugs:


I wonder if they will ever be resurrected?



Half of them look like someone just put a finger in their butt.


Love these. Especially the last one.


Don’t hold your breath.