Picture of the day!


Super 70’s!
Me, my dad and my brother.



Albatross in Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge


My grandfather in the middle.


cool old pic!


I love old photos.

My mom and dad just gave me a whole briefcase full of “family stuff” when they moved. I looked through there and it was filled with tons of really old photos. There is a whole envelope full of tin types.


A police surveillance picture from the 1941 May Day parade in NYC.


my dad does the ancestry.com stuff

we collected over a dozen 8x11 folders full of pictures of all sizes and some tin types…lots of clippings and postcards…

so, over the course of a couple of months i scanned and tagged them all for him and for us :wink:
this is a cool story of a great uncle of my grandpas who was an early pioneer in montana and vigilante…he and monkey would have gotten along.


After my father and stepmother died, I had to travel back to Germany to dissolve the household and sell the house. I brought back a large number of photos that I hope my daughters won’t throw out after I die. There were lots of “normal day-to-day” photos from the 1930s and 1940s. It was crazy to think that some people’s lives continued to go on while the country was being destroyed by thugs.


that’s awesome dude. fucking scan those and tag em!!! you’ll be happy you did.


There’s a photo of my grandfather on the front in WWI, and of my uncle in Poland during WWII. It’s just so strange to think that they were actually there.


Can’t remember if I’ve posted these photos up on here before or not… This army patch was on my grandfather’s army coat in WWI.


Dude on the bottom looks just like you!!!


He really does.


That’s what my family says… the picture in the red frame up at the top is also of my great grandpa. He’s also the guy with the family in front of the homestead. That is my grandpa standing on the chair in a dress!

Story time
The two older boys in that photo both died within a year as teenagers from appendicitis. A year or two later my Aunt Bea (the girl second from the right) got appendicitis too… when the doctor came by to see her he said she needed to get on the train to Toledo to go to the hospital for the operation. Since his two sons had died after going on the train to Toledo, My great grandfather told the doctor NO! “You’ll do the operation right here on the kitchen table” he said and the doctor obliged. My aunt Bea lived to be old enough for me to meet her when I was a kid. She developed appendicitis later in life again and when they operated (at an actual hospital) the doctor told her there was still part of her appendix left in there and had to be removed.


Wow. Who would have thought that it’s possible to have appendicitis after an appendectomy? And how would a doctor consider that as a diagnosis? It made me curious to find out more about it, and there are apparently only about 40 reports of cases of “stump appendicitis” in the medical literature.


Yeah, crazy.

I’m assuming my aunt told the doctor about the operation when she complained of her symptoms.

That second operation was back in the late 50’s or early 60’s, so they didn’t have scanning technology yet.

Here is a photo of her and my grandmother (on the right) when she was a teen.


Mom, my brother and me


I like that you have everyone riding bitch at such a young age.