Picture of the day!


What a beautiful site!! Which is your favorite???

Thin mints have always been my favorite! Those are mine, along with those lemon ones. The tagalongs and samoas are for Steve.


love em all


I usually try the new ones unless they’re gluten free.


Those lemon ones are great. There used to be a cookie just like that when I was a kid. My aunt Evie always had them. They were called Lemon Coolers:


^^^ that’s my fave.


I just don’t get it. There’s nothing fucking special about those damn cookies.


Which? All Girl Scout cookies?


Yes. What’s so special about them?


Probably because you can’t get them all the time.
Also because they’re delicious.
What do you have against cookies?


Chocolate mint cookies do not last here.


I don’t have anything against cookies. But the american fixation on these is just kind of odd. I think they control you through the Girl Scout cookies.


DEAR GOD I LOVE LEMON COOLERS. I’d eat that whole fuckin’ box.


The cookies are okay. I’m more about finding that shy kid and buying from them and wishing them good luck.


The Samoas (probably racist to call them that)…maybe they are called Island First Nation cookies were my favorite when I ate cookies.


I usually end up buying some from the kids at the grocery store too if the kids are the ones trying to make the sale and not the moms.

These I bought from the IT guy at my company. It’s not the daughter’s fault her dad is an IT jerk.


Inky/highlife, these are the ones to try if you loved Lemon Coolers!


Oh yeah, I bought those last year. They need about a pound more powdered sugar and they’ll be perfect.