Picture of the day!


i won’t. i’ll never ever go out of my way to shoot a bear or a wolf or a mountain lion. it’s not for me. but i will if i have to protect myself. i’ll have a lot of bear spray and my friend has his guns …just in case.
i only kill if/when i need the meat and that’s elk or deer.


someday i’m going there too!!!


A couple here got mauled by a deer yesterday , guy died, wife in critical condition.




If you want to come to Michigan, you’ve got a place to stay.



I absolutely love this


i mean i wouldn’t say no. :slight_smile:




An art deco masterpiece: the Cincinnati terminal. I was there last week. It’s an absolute marvel.


I love it!


This is the front:


That’s where the Justice League work.


I have developed a deep appreciation for American art deco. Whenever I travel for business, I try to find local art deco beauties to visit, but nothing prepared me for that train station in Cincinnati.

But then here’s the Chrysler building:


I go to Cincinnati pretty often, I have to check that out.


I am a big fan of Art Deco architecture and design. I have these ticket stubs I found in an old safe my grandma had in her basement.


Fantastic. Here is another favorite:


Here’s the designer at a costume party (the Beaux Arts Ball). No joke.


I have always aspired to wear a hat that ridiculous in public.