Picture of the day!


We went to our friends lake house yesterday. I’ve only been in a lake once when I was kid and it was only on the shoreline. This place yesterday we just took a boat out to a certain area and just got in the middle of the lake and floated. I had on these floaty pants that look a life jacket turned into a giant diaper. Fun for all!

This is the view from my friends house and then from the boat. It’s called Nolin Lake and it’s an hour and a half south of Louisville. Halfway between Louisville and Nashville.


Damn! That’s living!


Also, we had 7 people and 5 dogs :dog2: :slightly_smiling_face:


Mute Swan (Cygnus olor) foraging underwater; by Russian photographer Viktor Lyagushkin.


I need to go back this fall. We love walking down there.



Sunset last night and geese in a parking lot.


I’ve always wondered why they walk around more than 5-10 steps when they can fly.

I know there is an energy ratio that would make flying the better option, but how many goose-steps is it before flight is the best idea?


Not to belittle the goose/geese, but can they remember they have already taken 50 steps? They seem to have a “hear and now existence” with urges to migrate biannually, but some appear to have let that go as well.



Mini “cheeseburger” cookies from Japan. They’re delicious!


Lunch walk





Yeah, fuck that.



Holiday at last…


Statue of David protected by bricks during WW2


Whoa, for real?

I never knew that.

Could you imagine if all we had left of a masterpiece was old photos?


…also that looks like a tribute to his junk.