Picture of the day!


Great picture of Steve Earle too:



We went up on the hill in Weehawken, NJ when we were visiting. It’s the best spot to see all of NYC from NJ.


Serious face/ Happy face. Grizzy and Rosie.




Billy Zoom was always such a weirdo.


The last time I saw them, he was post cancer and had to play the entire show sitting down. Very different visual vibe…

BTW they are at the Crocodile with the Blasters on 12/15



Aww. I’m glad he’s still playing. Last time I saw them was probably 6-7 years ago at the Showbox and he was still doing his classic poses. They sounded great too.


I’ve been messing around with these “Jumping Jacks”. I scanned in some of the paper doll types of things from the 40’s and have been making crude animations in flash.



Woah, a bunch of us have birthday cakes next to our name today. Wonder what that’s about.

Happy birthday to us all. Or many. :heart:️:birthday:


It’s not my birthday but I do love cake.


Cake is not pie.


You forgot “QED.”


Yet a Boston Cream Pie is a cake. Crazy world.


boston cream pie
when a man ejaculates inside a womans vagina and the woman rubs her vagina on the mans face
last night barry’s mom boston cream pied my face

Boston Creampie
the act of ejaculating inside the vagina or anus while shouting “LET’S GO RED SOX” and slapping the penis 1-2-123 on whichever surface one ejaculated inside, as if you were at a baseball game
So I brought home this girl last night, and i found out she was a Yankees fan, so when i finished, i gave her a Boston Creampie.


It’s many other birthdays today. Wow.

Cake it up! :birthday::cake:🧁


Sure, balv. You do you.


sometimes i can’t help myself. not proud. just had to share that…knowing full well i remember it from a mr gay or doogie post on the .org

i remember thinking jesus h. christ.