Picture of the day!


They both have their eyes open.


That looks like Steve Irwin.


that’s because it is.



Looks like Trapper John from MASH.


I had totally forgotten he was the guy you’d give your Newman’s Own Dressing to.


How did u forget?


Today’s fog in Dallas.




I threw a party yesterday for my new customer. They came from New York to Louisville for their team to see our warehouse and for us to get to meet them face to face. I put on our first ever Cereal Party for 150 employees, most of them warehouse workers. It was pretty sweet!


Looks interesting!

I work on marketing for both “healthy” and traditional cereal brands.


No way!! This is Magic Spoon and we just started shipping their products last week. What’s crazy is they were on the TODAY show last week and their orders are increasing big time. It’s only available online right now. They have crazy artwork on their boxes too so I’m sure they’re already working with someone.

It’s high protein, low carb cereal that tastes like the cereal you ate as a child. I’ve tried them all and my favorites are cocoa, blueberry and cinnamon.


Also we found these mood spoons that change color when you eat something cold. Had them printed with their logo and my company logo. They loved it. :smiley:


That’s a great idea to do the branded spoons.

Sometimes taste, or lack there of can be an issue with the high protein, low carb foods. If this stuff tastes good they’ll probably do well- even if their price point is twice what you would pay for the usual, unhealthy crap.


From my balcony Sunday morning




Back when I was an art student I used to go wandering around the old abandoned furniture factories and warehouses in Grand Rapids. I used to love the fire escapes and the shadows they’d cast.


Apparently today is sibling day. I posted this one from 83-84. The Cabbage Patch years.