Picture of the day!


Gah. That face.


Meeting shelter on the River to River trail in the Shawnee NF. Ended up there on a run the other day.



That’s awesome. I love it!



View from my balcony. Some days the colours are so vivid.


The girl I am seeing runs the 80 mile river to river relay every year. She says it’s brutal.


Took this picture a few weeks ago. Still not sure what it was, but someone was convinced it was an airborne twister. Whatever - it was weird looking as shit.


Looks like an old lady dancing Wearing sunglasses with big hair.


Looks like a Dali


It’s a fun one. Lots of hills . Our club puts that race on. Tell her to be runner 6. She will explain runner six. :grin:


Grizz goes to Coney Island every Summer.


Looks like fun?


Awww. Poor Grizz.


Why does he have to wear the cone?


Every summer without fail he gets itchy skin and won’t stop biting at it. While we’re asleep he has to wear the cone. Poor guy.

The vet said it’s allergies.


I like that you call it Coney Island :slight_smile:



Papa had a pretty good take on bullfighting in Spain.