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I love looking at the ads in old magazines.


One of our clients got the rights to Mountain Gazette so now we’re printing all these covers from the 70’s. Fun stuff.


My friend gave me a few old Life magazines from 1959 that the library was getting rid of. I love the car illustrations with big fins and sleek glamour models.

Also in this issue there is an article about Kalamazoo Michigan, where I live. It shows the pedestrian mall that they had just recently built which was the first one of its kind. Quite groundbreaking to take out a road and have stores and restaurants on an area where there’s no traffic. Kalamazoo was known as the “Mall City” for decades.

Funny that about 25 years ago they took out the mall and put the road back in there.









Iowa Corn
Photo Credit Aaron Miller


Isn’t that in a scene from Honey I Shrunk the Kids?


I haven’t been here for a while - working a lot. I don’t know how to comment on the situation down there and not sound smug. We had 200 new cases in the whole country yesterday. We did it right. A lot of people weren’t happy about being locked down for so long but look where we are now. Just hope you guys stay safe and don’t lose someone close to you. Took this picture about 3 weeks ago. One thing I did with my isolation time was learn more about my camera. Hang in there guys.


Took this pic in Montreal from a place called St Joseph’s Oratory - basically a big church on a big hill with amazing terraces and views of the city.


My good buddy lives in Montreal - and has a cabin up north of there near the ski resort. I’m going to visit next summer if this pandemic allows by then. They just acquired another piece of property up north with a Sugar Shack and rustic cabin at the top of a “mountain”.