Picture of the day!


After decorating for Christmas I realized I didn’t have enough religious decorations.
So I handcrafted this.


I take it the tonic water is the alien that brought the Christ child to Earth?


You must have been a youth leader


Looks like Frankincense and myrrh to me.


Happy Hanukkah :menorah:



Poked around Clear Springs wilderness and surrounding area yesterday.



Here we go again!


3rd time is a charm?

are you preggers?


Five weeks… so not very. I’m retiring after this!





congrats go out to you both.

what was your username on tby or raa?




oh cool.

i think i remember you.

so just on tby then, eh?


Yes, I started listening to Ryan Adams in 2014, so I’m a late comer. I was also in the Superfans FB group for like a hot minute when the boxset came out. I was looking for easter eggs to justify the $150 price tag. I just realized that my Ravelry profile picture is still me in my stupid Mr. Feelings t-shirt. There are a lot of embarrassing Ryan Adams related pictures of me out in the ether.


I’m a late comer too!

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OMG that made me remember that I have that box unopened–still in the brown shipping box, also unopened. Ha. totally forgot it existed on my floor behind some guitars.

Sucks probably can’t get shit if I sell it now.


For real though… those of us that pre-ordered them from his website got royally fucked. NYT should write an expose on that. If anyone is still collecting Ryan Adams garbage, I have some nice stuff to offload. I do not mean Prisoner Deluxe edition.


Cardboard cutouts are not box-worthy, unless you’re talking cereal box.