Picture of the day!


It does remind me though… this means you never found out what color your extra 7" with The Rain on it was… Mine was like evergreen colored with white specks.


Yup. I may have one of the ‘acetates’ or whatever was stuffed in the boxes as buy-bait. Unless they have all been accounted for, but I would not know because I am not a member of any site that keeps track of that. I’m over here with the rest of the misfit toys and fun people.


I sold my Life After Deaf boxset many years ago for good money. I still have the rose belt buckle, but frankly that piece of shit was so oddly shaped for a belt buckle, it always dug deep into my groin whenever I sat down. Nice metaphor for Ryan Adams, I suppose.


Have I posted this? I decided to make Leo an album cover. A little backstory about the title…Leo always says “My word’s my bond” even when he is obviously lying. Like “Are you sure you didn’t make this mess?” Leo: “My word’s my bond!”




Love this.




sold mine to a dude from tby i think?

750 smackers

put new tires on my 1993 f-150








I like this shot. took it from my balcony.


When did you move to Chernobyl?




the future ain’t what it used to be


Did Yogi Berra say that?


Nah, something about picnic baskets…


Pic O’ The Day


The old joke:

Who was the only player to get 5 hits off Nolan Ryan in a game? Robin Ventura.