Picture of the day!



Canada is already great!


Was this taken in the Michigan State Capital?


I think it’s DC today.


Oh my.


Turn on the TV.


Finally, I got my supplies through for when I return to the office…




Here’s my picture of the day. My granddaughter Haven just had her first doctor appointment after being discharged from the hospital and she had her last tube removed…

and she’s beautiful!

(I promise, I’ll stop posting baby pictures now - this is just what happens when you fall in love.)



No one is mad at you for posting baby pictures. I love babies, Balv loves babies, Nick loves babies, I’m sure lots of us love babies. Blow us up!


I don’t love babies. But I like this photo. We get it. You’re a proud grandpappy. Nobody’s gonna take that from you.


I am so proud of this little warrior.


don’t sugar coat it. you forgot to tell him to go fuck himself and call him dick stain.

and you know you love babies!!! FUR BABIES!


Don’t you dare stop posting pics of her.


My phone just reminded me that one year ago today my stove was actually clean. Someday.


I kind of enjoy those photo reminder things. Makes me remember fondly actually having a life.



My granddaughter Haven is the only thing that somehow keeps me tethered to my last bit of sanity.


What a cutie.