Picture of the day!


Went up to Baldwin, up north this past weekend. Opening day for trout season. The guys that were fishing didn’t catch anything substantial but we had fun.


man looks like my kind of weekend. i’m coming up!


Just got back from Joshua Tree.



We had to start back at work, 2 days a week in the office. I’d forgotten what it’s like to get up early, and it’s slowly killing me again. But the views are lovely!



So cute!!!




I guess our little town has a reputation. They posted this historic image on FB.

That young couple appear to be blushing.



these are amazing!!!


Bath day!


He almost looks like he enjoys baths.



Currently having a little holiday down in Cornwall (Polruan/Fowey), and for once the weather is lovely. This place is beautiful.


nice view!!!

i highly recommend the Spotted Dick at Harry’s Supper Club

it’s a banger


Can confirm


Last week in NC.


Looks beautiful.

One of my favorite trips was to Asheville the last week of September to see the changing leaves.


My daughter was just in Asheville last week and loved it.