Picture of the day!


Today in 2017 with my daughter.


Absolutely adorable!


This is wonderful.


Walked around a place called The Blue Pool today, lovely and serene. Not as blue as I thought it would be though!


Aqualung, my friend… don’t you start aweigh uneasy.



This is as close you can get to religious imagery.


The view from here:




Is that your house?
You have donkeys?

So cool.


Alas no, we’re on holiday on Suffolk coast. Lovely cabin in the woods with donkies as part of the owners land. Here for a week, came same week last year and it’s lovely :slightly_smiling_face:


It took some time to get here. I love it. :heart:


We got our tree today! As expected, Penny is very interested in it. I hope it survives a curious kitten.


I love the blue lights.


we got our tree too!


We’re trying to be more minimalist around here so we spend less time picking up and caring for stuff. As such, I’ve been thinking about 86ing the Christmas tree, it’s so many trappings for something you use once a year.
When my daughter was a baby, she was so small that I was able to put our tree on an end table and it was tall enough she couldn’t pull it down…. My son as a toddler is in the 99th percentile for height. So I had been thinking about, you know, if he pulls the tree down and it’s covered in $1000 worth of meticulously collected Beauty of Birds ornaments, what the hell is the point of even owning them?
I split the difference. We got a $16 four foot tall tree that’s set up in a child-fenced off porch grotto. I gave the 6.5 foot tree to a local preschool. I’ll post of picture of it for you in a little bit.


we bought a giant monstrosity and we love it. lots of shit on it. i dare the kids, cats, or dogs to pull it…


How did he get 99th percentile for height when you’re a wee 'un?

You husband may come to think you’re not the real mother.


I actually managed it twice! Both boys are very tall…. But my daughter moved up to the 49th percentile this year, so she can’t be counted out yet!

I have tall people distantly in my family. But my husband is the shortest man in his family at 6’2”…. There are GIANTS about. His mom is 5’11”!