Picture of the day!


Shoeless Joe Jackson (right) takes a smoke break between games while barnstorming.


A recent late afternoon shot taken while I was home sick with Covid.






This was today looking out over Lake Ontario


Looks like a genie floating out of that smokestack.



tough to beat owls. they’re fucking gorgeous amazing creatures. whenever i see one in the wild i liken it to a unicorn or triple rainbow…but even better…it’s just so special


I have not seen an owl in the wild and as mentioned in some thread a few months ago, it my current obsession. I have one or more in my yard, but haven’t heard them lately.


My daughter is obsessed with owls. She was an owl (snowy owl) for Halloween, her Nintendo profile is Celeste the owl and the name is “Owl,” she sleeps with five realistic stuffed animal owls, she fills any gap in conversation with hooting…. I could go on.

I saw a tweet the other day with a madly relevant hindsight observation about this…


The text is in German, but it’s pictures of landmarks being lit up in blue and yellow to show solidarity with Ukraine.



A man lifts his hands to a child on an evacuation train at Kyiv central train station.


I took this pic in the courtyard of my apartment building about 2 weeks ago after a soft snowfall.


Early Saturday morning


Looks like somebody up on the top floor has a big 'ole chew of bubble gum.



My friend Emma took this picture of the sun setting tonight at her house way out in the country. It’s so pretty I had to share.




@LBSUNFLWR :sunflower::sunflower::sunflower::sunflower: