Picture of the day!


Hey folks! Been a while. Took a trip to St John’s Newfoundland and did a lot of hiking. You don’t have to go far. There are trails on the edge of the city, which isn’t very big (114,000). You can walk a road up to the top of Signal Hill and then take a trail down the other side, which is where I took this picture. You can see the trail portion I am heading for on the right. There is a nice brew pub just a few blocks from the end. I went.


That looks pretty great!

Good to have you back.



Dutchie was 19.5 when she died so we were pretty grateful. :heartpulse:



We are now officially ready. :purple_heart::black_heart:


Grizz also ready to see his Bengals crush The Steelers!


Looking west from my balcony a few weeks ago.


I’m going to nominate my granddaughter to be in the Mott’s Children’s Hospital Calendar for 2023.
So hard to pick my favorite photo of her.


Good luck with that. I pick the middle one because her eyes :heart_eyes:


She gon win.


I also like the middle one best. :two_hearts:
But you can’t go wrong.


The last one. Super mischievous.





From Ukraine.


AI generated imagery of salmons swimming upstream.