Picture of the day!


'69 Elvis :sunglasses:


Goes back to October. An intensely coloured shot from my balcony.


You still have a Toys R Us up there?





Worth pondering.




You forgot to tag @Nebulance



@saf indeed, prominently on display in the music room


A park nearby on Saturday. Fresh snow.


When I was 17 I went to work in Jackson, WY

I forgot a copy of my birth certificate so the state law was such that I could get hired, work, and accrue wages but not get paid until I had the certificate which took about three weeks. During that time, after I filled my gas tank I had $7.00 to cover food as I camped on free federal land.

I bought a few top ramens, a loaf of wheat bread, a loaf of raisin bread, and a small jar of peanut butter.

Snow King sponsored a daily trivia question with local prizes, usually a meal at a restaurant. I noticed hardly anybody ever called in and the questions were pretty easy so I started calling every day and ended up winning most days I tried.

Courtesy of Snow King I had at least one hot meal every 3 days.


Muchas gracias for sharing that story. Preeeeeeeetty street smart, I would say. And I cannot argue with the merits of Snow King after hearing this – keeping a 17 year old in a pickle properly fed gotta count for something.




Saw this one yesterday (I am a sucker for animal photography and humanistic photos of life) – this one captures the meeting between a terminally sick woman and a giraffe.


@WillieCash was intermittent fasting before it was cool.


I’ve more than made up for it in the years since


This is a way cooler Make-A-Wish than meeting John Cena.