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nice work neb.

is sweet rain a song? i bet it could be.

thank you for sharing <3


Thanks! Yes, Sweet Rain is a song; I finished and recorded it about a month ago now (?)

Thanks for the kind words, glad you like it!


Something I wrote last night:

I Know

I know
It’s been so long
But honestly
— nothing,
And I mean nothing —
Has changed.
My heart still aches
And shakes
At the sound of your name
On my lips.
At the the look of your name
On my phone.

Sun-soaked scenes
Decorate my mind
Like old pictures in cherished frames
On weathered mantles
And the movie plays
In airports
In back roads
In empty bedrooms
And I lock up
And I lock
And I wonder
Did I give you all that I could have?
No — all that I should have?
Yes — I’ve never given everything like that before. Never like that.

I know
I’m doubling back
But sometimes the heart just knows
It knows.
And this is real
And this is crazy
And this is ridiculous
And this is special
And this is
And this is it.
And if this is wrong,
I don’t ever want to be right.
So I wander
Down stairs
Across streets
To anywhere with a view of the ocean
Where I can remember
What it was like
To hold you
To kiss you.


oh man. heartbreaking!


tell me about it! Some women you meet change everything


Another new one, from last night:

First Dance

SUNKISSED and reigning
ON COBBLESTONE heart-shaped dance floors
REVERBERATING into the night and spinning
SOMEWHERE on the horizon
THE MOON, sneaking up on stars
AND I, kissing you for the first time
INTERTWINE and whisper
SILHOUETTED in sweet a refrain
IN THE SKY where the dream is painted
I SING by the choir in my heart
YOU HARMONIZE in vibrant colors
WE SHINE beautiful and sublime


A bunch more:

Lantern in the Night

The soft steps we take
And the moments that break
The silence
and the nerves that calm
in the palms
of our hands

When the stars tiptoe in
From some other horizon
I weave a story about the heavens,
With their light as my punctuation
Your head on my shoulder
And my lips to your forehead,
My heart burns like a lantern in the night

The stairs are crooked and cracked
But I don’t need a way back
The ivy-draped gate,
A path to our first dance
In a gentle glance
I steady the pace

When the wind rolls in with barely a sound
From some other part of town
I turn to you and whisper —
“Here, take my coat and avoid the winter”
Your hair brushing against my cheek
And my arm around your waist,
My heart burns like a lantern in the night


You’re fuzzy in the pictures
But sharp like a razor cutting me open
At the heart
Right from the start
I didn’t have a chance
Speechless and breathless
Misty-eyed on a tearful boardwalk
Hiding out at midnight
Among the garden roses
Waiting for the moment
Taking the leap, sticking the landing
Getting stuck
Without too much luck

Roaming a countryside with no name
Drawing circles on your thigh
Somewhere between a kiss
And this pounding in my chest
Up into the hills
Across drowsy towns
Drenched in color
I’ll paint you a picture,
With a letter taped to the back
Fragranced in my cologne
With the rest of the words
I couldn’t wait to say

Your Favorite Book

I’m tearing at the seams
Like your favorite broken book
That you just can’t put down
Please, don’t put me down

My pages folded over at the best parts —
The ones you read over and over again
When the rain won’t let up and takes out the lights
Or even when the sun is draped across trees
And the leaves are shadow puppets of a late afternoon

I’ve got notes scribbled in the margins;
Your perfect anecdote and a memory
That causes a smile to sneak across your lips
Or a pool that wells up in your eyes just enough so you see double;
The catching in your throat that lets you know,
You matter,
You won’t fail,
You’re beautiful,
You’re loved.



(Actual) Christmas

The words come tumbling out
Like a sparse sunset bleeding through tree branches
Haphazard and raw and real
Reigning across a thousand seasons
Of stubborn reasons
Crafted from vast visions
Of tomorrows never known;
A dream carried across an ocean
And a heart aching at the sound and the look of you
In the morning sun, in the twilight moon
In a sharp monsoon, filling up mountain dunes

The winter’s refrain drizzles Christmas lights in coffee shops;
My far-off gaze locks onto your ghost in corner stores,
And I’m wishing for more
More of who I used to be —
How I always wished I could be
Somewhere with you
Searching out every corner of picture-perfect postcard towns,
Hand in hand, head to shoulder;
Fairytale days embroidered in messy love
Wrapped up beneath the sheets
Of a cold Christmas night


all so damn good and moving neb.

thank you for sharing w/ us.

hoping you have a merry christmas!


Thanks a lot! Glad you like them – Merry Christmas to you too!


Nearly finished with this little project, a new one:

Train Stations

Treading carefully across tiled floors
on what feels like a waning Sunday afternoon
in the middle of the week
I carry your hand in mine in careful yet reckless way,
like I’ve got so many days more
to show you how I adore
you —
in half-woken sunlight,
in pitch-black goodnights,
in rain-soaked trellises on deserted highways,
in thoughts lost in moments that pictures can’t explain just how perfect they are,
in everything

I could barely get the words out
before being swallowed whole
in the flood that was to come;
I pause and hold my breath —
in the calmest tones,
I ramble off the superlatives
carefully chosen, but hastily spoken
because my lips against yours can say so much more;
one kiss goodbye wasn’t enough,
at least that’s what my hands said, pulling you back;
though neither was three.

Getting on that train and glancing back,
My heart plummets through the floor,
Drilling a hole to some other side of the world
Where I really don’t want to be;
the rain streaks across the windows
as I find a seat pointing backwards
so the movie can play back to me in reverse,
and your sweet words come pouring through;
I have already changed, and there’s no going back —
my heart has designs on you,
and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Diggin through old boxes as we move out of the old house i keep coming across some real gems: pics of my bro, letters from my bro, postcards from my bro…etc etc…but i came across this poem from my good buddy in high school …i loved it so much i kept it…wanted to share it w/ you all:


Maybe people who run schools
Started out with good intentions
But I found a few problems
That I think I should mention

Nowadays school’s all
B.S. and stress
Suspensions detentions and tests
More or less

We all walk bored
Through the halls to class
Half the kids are stoned
The other half is smashed

And some teachers use us kids
To make themselves feel worthwhile
But don’t kid yourself, man
We just stare at the rooftiles

And kickback
Way back, in the back of the class
And talk about the weekend
And cheat so we can pass

And as I sit braindead
In this monotonous misery
I just think of better days
When this will all be history