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nice work neb.

is sweet rain a song? i bet it could be.

thank you for sharing <3


Thanks! Yes, Sweet Rain is a song; I finished and recorded it about a month ago now (?)

Thanks for the kind words, glad you like it!


Something I wrote last night:

I Know

I know
It’s been so long
But honestly
— nothing,
And I mean nothing —
Has changed.
My heart still aches
And shakes
At the sound of your name
On my lips.
At the the look of your name
On my phone.

Sun-soaked scenes
Decorate my mind
Like old pictures in cherished frames
On weathered mantles
And the movie plays
In airports
In back roads
In empty bedrooms
And I lock up
And I lock
And I wonder
Did I give you all that I could have?
No — all that I should have?
Yes — I’ve never given everything like that before. Never like that.

I know
I’m doubling back
But sometimes the heart just knows
It knows.
And this is real
And this is crazy
And this is ridiculous
And this is special
And this is
And this is it.
And if this is wrong,
I don’t ever want to be right.
So I wander
Down stairs
Across streets
To anywhere with a view of the ocean
Where I can remember
What it was like
To hold you
To kiss you.


oh man. heartbreaking!


tell me about it! Some women you meet change everything


Another new one, from last night:

First Dance

SUNKISSED and reigning
ON COBBLESTONE heart-shaped dance floors
REVERBERATING into the night and spinning
SOMEWHERE on the horizon
THE MOON, sneaking up on stars
AND I, kissing you for the first time
INTERTWINE and whisper
SILHOUETTED in sweet a refrain
IN THE SKY where the dream is painted
I SING by the choir in my heart
YOU HARMONIZE in vibrant colors
WE SHINE beautiful and sublime