Pretty cool




Right now I am watching MTVLV because Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band: Live in New York City is on.
I wish bands did a “pay per view” type broadcast on their website or on some internet site that would broadcast a live show for paying viewers.
This would be great for fans who want to attend the show virtually if they can’t attend in person because they are across the country or across the ocean.


That thought came to me because I was thinking how cool would it be if I been able to see that show live while its being filmed.
If they’re filming for a dvd or whatnot then a pay per view for that show would be awesome.


Lucinda Williams has been facebook live streaming all of her recent shows. We caught every one we could and they all were great. Radiohead would be smart to do this. They’re one of those bands that I can’t see now unless I pay a scalper 300 bucks a ticket.


Ankaa, you saw into the future.