Question for those who use dropbox on their phone


I haven’t ever used dropbox on my phone but I’m trying to help my friend who is not too computer savvy.

she’s playing music in her car and at work through her phone. Someone loaded her phone with a bunch of shit she doesn’t want. So I had her install dropbox on her phone and I’m sending her stuff. she can play it for now bc I am leaving it in the dropbox. I told her I’m sure there’s a way to copy the music out of the dropbox and into her phone, or her iTunes so she can save all the stuff i’m sending her…but she can’t figure it out. She thinks she needs her computer.

please let me know what you do if any of you take files from dropbox and save them in your phone.



I’m not aware of a way to directly save music from Dropbox (to the Music app on iPhone at least). What I usually do is what your friend says, where you import the music into iTunes on your computer then sync to the phone.

Another option is to tap “Save to my Dropbox” button in the Dropbox app, and that’ll save it to her Dropbox, and she can play it in the app that way. Though there’s space issues with that method if she only has the free tier of 5 GB and there’s a lot of music to be stored there.